Who am I?

My name is Stephanie Crispen. I live in Columbus, Ohio with my two year old son and his father. We have two dogs and our second child on the way. We like to take hikes, take trips to the beach and visit outdoor parks where we can explore nature. 

Beauty can be found in anything. Whether you are looking at an old building or a masterpiece painting, there is art to be found. As a graphic designer, I like to explore the unexplored. The world is my inspiration. 

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are my go-to’s when designing, because there is such an unlimited possibility for creation. Layers upon layers of colors and images come together to create the perfect design to capture your ideal image or branding.

I can code html and css, but generally use WordPress for web design. Im available for a variety of web design styles ranging from e-commerce, to informational, to personal branding and portfolio design. So, whether you’re wanting to get your business online or build a website to display your talents and get hired, I am here for you and your needs. 

I have worked alongside an ophthalmology clinic to lead a marketing campaign to increase cosmetic sales, provide training resources for employees and design continuing education flyers. I have also worked alongside a non-profit organization called “Feed our Appalachian Children” to increase awareness of the growing hunger amongst children living in the Appalachian areas, and increase donations to blessing boxes around surrounding areas. 

I am merely a message away. Let’s work together to accomplish and draw attention to your goals.