Project Portfolio

Every project is unique. Each design has its own personality. Feel free to browse through my portfolio to see what kind of design services I can offer you.

Pet Adoption Event

After branding was complete for Pawsome Pets (a fictional pet store), I was tasked with designing a landing page to host a pet adoption event.

Book Series Covers

This has been one of my favorite projects so far. A classmate presented me with a very challenging design brief for a fictional book series she was writing. It was my job to design 3 covers, relevant to the book summaries she provided me.

Pawsome Pets

I had a lot of fun designing a new brand identity for this fictional pet store in the beginning of my career path. Pawsome Pets is a friendly pet store trying to attract customers to adopt their pets (mainly dogs).

Eye Specialists of Ohio

This was an outside project completed for the Eye Specialists of Ohio. I worked with administration from this ocular surgery center to redesign their logo and design marketing materials to run a campaign to increase Botox sales.

Land Escapes

At the beginning of my career path, I completed this promotional campaign  for a fictional company called Land Escapes. This project required the use of a variety of Adobe applications.

Candlelight Clothing

Candlelight Clothing is a fictional eco-friendly e-commerce store. This elegant little shop tasked me with creating a high fidelity website prototype using Adobe XD.


Creating art from letters can be beautiful and fun. Typography is used throughout graphic design. For this project, I was tasked with designing word art representing a word that started with the letter C. 

Vincenzo's Pizza

Vincenzo is a fiction character from Italy. He moved to New York to open a pizza shop. For this project I was tasked with designing a magazine spread and a menu for Vincenzo’s pizza shop in New York. 

Pet Water

Pet Water is a fictional brand of water that is packed with enzymes and nutrients to keep your pets healthy. During this project, I designed two styles of promotional flyers to display a promotional sale on this water.

Appalachian Children

A dear friend of mine started an organization to help bring food to the children of the Appalachian area, which includes her home town. Her and her husband are working to run a campaign to increase food donations brought to the blessing boxes throughout Ross County and asked that I design a brochure for them to hand out around town.

Social Media Banner

Tori is a photographer and influencer. She asked that I design a banner for her to share on her social media page for her photography business. She was running a Halloween special and was able to increase her sales by 30% when running this banner on her page. 

All it takes, is to catch their eyes. Build and grow your brand with unique designs.

The digital world is growing. Websites are being launched, daily. New brands are entering the market as you are reading this. Freelance graphic designers can offer you as-needed designs without the hassle of signing a contract or hiring an in house designer. I look forward to working with you!

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