Feed Our Appalachian Children

Shelby and her husband (Matt) have started a non-profit foundation to increase food donations for children of the Appalachian areas. They ran a campaign to hand deliver brochures to citizens around her home town of Ross County, as the first step in increasing food donations in Appalachia. 

This brochure encompasses the reason Shelby and Matt began this foundation. Shelby is an Environmental Health major and watched a video in a class in which Appalachian children were interviewed as to why they struggle to focus in class. The most common answer in these interviews was that these kids are hungry. Instantly, Shelby began to research how she could help. She called around to local organizations and got little to no answers as to where people could donate food to help these children.

So, Shelby started her own organization. She asked that this brochure spread awareness of how hunger affects children in the Appalachia as compared to other parts of the world. She also asked that I design a logo to help spread awareness of her foundation. 

Using Adobe Illustrator I designed a logo that shows a woman caring for a young child. The brochure lists all local blessing boxes in Ross county and features a QR code that connects to Ross County Blessing Box’s Facebook page.