Pawsome Pets

Pawsome Pets recruited me to design a logo and create a website landing page to display pets for sale and host a pet adoption event. I had a lot of fun designing this logo, because I included my favorite font “Kewl Script”. In UXI 100, we were asked to choose a font that best represents our personality, and this is the font I chose. When looking through the characters of this font, I noticed that the P looked like a dog’s ear. I found a great opportunity to use that when designing Pawsome Pet’s logo. 

Landing Page Designed in Adobe XD.

Logo Designed in Adobe Illustrator.

Using stock photography, I designed this web banner to rest at the top of the landing page. Pawsome Pets is a family friendly store. I relayed the light hearted nature of this adoption event by finding a photo of a happy dog and a cat playing. The blues and greens in the banner bring about a calm feeling while customers search through photos of potential pets. 

Banner designed in Adobe Photoshop.