The Writer

My classmate presented a very interested backstory for a novel and requested that a design a book cover. Erika imagined writing a novel in which the author of the novel is creating life from her writings. The characters of the main character’s novel begin coming to life and emerging from the book. 

With this design I captured the mystery that lies behind the book. A person is looking back at us through the keyhole in the novel. This keyhole becomes relevant in the last book of this series in which the secrets of the book are revealed.

Designed in Adobe Illustrator.

The second novel of this series was based on the main character of the series creating a character that later becomes her “alter ego”. This is a more free-flowing version of herself in which she lets herself enjoy life a little bit more. 

I captured the alter ego by designing a shillohette of the writer. One version of her is more kept together, while the other appears more free spirited with free blowing hair.  










Designed in Adobe Illustrator

The last book of this series bring the first to books together. The mystery returns when the main character travels to the forest and meets the character of her most recent novel (her alter ego). In this book, the secrets to the power of the book are revealed.

I captured the summary of this book as requested by the writer. She requested that I use the symbol of a key in the last book. The tree represents the forest, with dark colors inducing the feeling of mystery. The open book and the key represent the revealing of the secrets, as the first book was closed with a keyhole on the front. 










Designed in Adobe Illustrator.